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What Is A Purser On A Yacht?

If you’ve ever been on a yacht, you’ve likely heard of a purser. But what exactly is a purser on a yacht?

A purser is a specialized yacht crewmember responsible for managing the financial and accounting aspects of a yacht’s operation. The purser is responsible for the safekeeping of the vessel’s funds, and is also responsible for handling all payments for supplies and services.

The purser’s duties typically include preparing passengers’ bills, verifying payments and issuing receipts, reconciling accounts, preparing reports, and monitoring the budget. The purser also assists with the preparation of the vessel’s payroll and must be knowledgeable of the applicable regulations and laws regarding payroll, customs, and immigration.

The purser may also be responsible for managing the vessel’s security and safety. This includes maintaining emergency systems, performing inspections, and providing training to the crew. Additionally, the purser may be responsible for the vessel’s inventory and stock, as well as ensuring that all supplies are up to date and compliant with the regulations of the vessel’s flag state.

The purser is an integral part of the yacht’s operation, and a good purser is essential to the smooth running of the vessel. The purser must be highly organized, with excellent communication and problem-solving skills. The purser must also be familiar with the vessel’s operating systems and regulations, and must be willing to take on any financial or administrative tasks that arise.

If you’re considering a career in yachting, the purser position is an excellent option. Pursers are highly sought-after, and the position provides a unique opportunity to learn about the financial and administrative aspects of yachting.

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